I arbetet med installationen ”Familjekontinent” finns det en stark längtan att synliggöra den tillhörighet som familjesituationen bär med sig och som både kan te sig instängd/klaustrofobiskoch trygg beroende på livssituation/ var man befinner sig i livet.
Jag inser att min barndoms saknad av familj och tillhörighet har jag förmått att kompensera senare i livet (i min egen familj). Nu tycks den mig som en kontinent som jag har rest ifrån.
/En kontinent som ligger bakom oss/mig.

In the work the ”continent of family” my intention was to visualize the affiliation that comes out
of one´s familysituation. It can both be experienced as closed and claustrophobic and safe dependent on
which period in life you are in.

As a child l longed for ’a proper family and I have been busy compensate that later in my life.
Now it seems like we had a continent almost like the ground we were standiing on or to experience travelling in with company. Did I leave it forever when I became a widow or when my kids went away to shape their own lifes, their own contInents of familly?